7 Ways to Swap Out Plastic Wrap

When it comes to preserving food, most of us have become accustomed to the easy, convenient notion of wrapping everything in plastic (and in the process, mummifying it)!  Just open that top drawer in your kitchen filled with plastic baggies, aluminum foil, and most likely, a roll of ubiquitous plastic cling-wrap. With the spotlight on excess plastic waste right now, it’s no wonder we are seeing so many innovative alternatives that offer protection for the environment and even prolong the life of our foods – a win win for all!  {Check out the discounts available for our ReThink Zero-Waste Kits!}

Ecopiggy has done the research, and we’ve come up with some tips for getting rid of the plastic wrap once and for all–either through what you already have on hand–or investing in new quality products (all of which we have vetted).  In no particular order…

1. Be creative with your current dishware!  If you have leftovers, simply use another plate, inverted, to cover your food. Keep it in plain view so that you remember to enjoy it tomorrow and not let it get pushed deeper into the fridge abyss!

 2. Transfer food to an empty mason jar or a see-through glass container where you can easily view the contents. It’s fun to collect jars of all sizes for storing dry pantry items and spices, for taking food on the go, or giving away culinary goodies.

3. Keep a stash of cleaned out plastic food containers (from yogurt, salsas, dips, etc.) that you don’t mind re-purposing.  If you’d like to send your dinner guests home with leftovers, you can reuse old containers instead of giving away your nicer ones. Remember, it’s about reusing and reducing first, then recycling.

ECOLunchbox Solo Rectangle4. For sandwiches that you might normally wrap in plastic or place in a baggie, avoid the squish and invest in a sturdy stainless steel container or an Indian-style tiffin (great for layers of side dishes). Check out these great back-to-school options from ECOlunchbox!

5. Try out beeswax wraps! They are reusable, bio-degradeable and fit perfectly over bowls, plates, and around cut foods (think apples, lemons, avocados). This bold and beautiful set from our friends at Etee is part of a sustainable solution for your kitchen and helps keep produce fresh and slows browning! A small investment equates to less food waste and less money spent on spoiled ingredients.

6. For bread or pastry dough that needs to rest, wrap in a damp tea towel instead of smothering them in plastic. This is an ancient tradition we’re happy to see coming back!   

7. Give your food a hug!  These high-quality silicone “food huggers” come in all shapes and sizes and slip right over your cut produce, butter, open cans, pepper mill, etc. Not only are they the cutest, but they truly help with getting the best nutrition, freshness and flavor from our foods. According to their website, Food Huggers retain 23% more moisture than food stored in plastic. Consider this fun and practical gift for the eco-conscious home cook!  

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