Dinner Dialogue Series #4

We’ve been anticipating the longer, brighter days of summer and this July 4 holiday definitely celebrates the essence of being outdoors – we’ll be enjoying picnics and BBQs, playing games, watching parades, and enjoying some downtime. For this week’s conversation, we are turning to nature and asking you to consider the following: What are some free and easy outdoor activities that are fun for the whole family?

Now that the kids are out of school and looking forward to a different rhythm, what are some creative ways to keep their imagination engaged? Away from a classroom setting and hopefully from screens, this is the perfect opportunity for them to appreciate the sights, sounds, and tactile sensations that come from outside. So let them run barefoot, get dirty, sweat a bit, and play with nature’s toys: sticks, rocks, trees, water, etc. And if they amass a collection of rocks or shells, why not continue the fun and paint designs or faces onto them?  Need further inspiration, Natural Earth Paint offers fun, non-toxic, high-quality art supplies, available {here}.

I love seeing kids outdoors in the neighborhood playing sports, biking, walking their dogs, running through sprinklers, chalking up the sidewalk with their wild imaginations. Or out on trails with their families, splashing around in streams and jumping into swimming holes, or simply observing the mystical butterflies that are out this time of year. Since everyone is relaxed and at ease during the summer season, there are more opportunities to stay up late – to enjoy meals outdoors, to set up a tent in the backyard, and gaze up at the stars. We hope your conversations lead to celebrations of beauty and simplicity in the elements. Happy holiday week to you and your families!


~Kristin Cole

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