Ecopiggy Essentials

Ecopiggy brings you a line of soothing essentials for maintaining healthy happy kiddos. Our line features 100% natural pacifiers, teethers, and BalticAmber necklaces. We also feature a highly effective nasal aspirator to help reduce the amount of mucus built up during cold and allergy season. Happy child. Happy family.

Ecopacifier and Ecoteether, designed by Calmies, are both made from 100% natural rubber from the rubber tree, Hevea brasillensi. Both our natural pacifiers and plastic-free teethers are sustainably made without chemical softeners or colorants. The soft natural rubber allows for the child’s plastic-free enjoyment, without leaving marks on the child’s face.

Ecopiggy Nasal Aspirator, designed by Rhoost, is a safe and easy way to keep nasal passages clear. Unlike other aspirators, ours does not require a filter. There is no risk of mucus or bacterial transfer because of the unique design of the Ecopiggy Nasal Aspirator. To further provide ease and convenience, our nasal aspirator comes with a travel cap, carry bag, and cleaning brush.

Ecopiggy BalticAmber Teething Necklaces are handmade with 100% certified BalticAmber. BalticAmber has been used for centuries in Europe to help relieve pain and inflammation caused by teething. Safe, soothing, and effective, our necklaces are designed with a pop, the safest available, releasing at 15lbs of pressure.

I love knowing as a mom that there is an online eco friendly store I can go to and not only feel great about whatever I buy, but also that I'm supporting a company that's making a difference. Ecopiggy takes the guess work out of natural children's products and makes my life as a mom easier."

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