Earth Love :: ZeroWaste Bambu Utensils

Yesterday we collectively recognized our planet (Happy Day to you!) within Earth Month, but here at Ecopiggy we like to keep the love going year round! Our team celebrates Mama Earth everyday, feeling grateful for all the natural beauty she shares.

As you know, Ecopiggy is always striving to provide you and your families with safe, reusable products that are kind to nature. We want to help you take mindful steps towards a waste-free lifestyle and reduce our reliance on plastics and other toxic materials.

We are especially excited to launch some new items from Bambu that are gentle to the planet and versatile for feeding the whole family. We can’t speak highly enough of our friends at this mission-driven company who are obsessed with sustainability, consciousness, and supporting local systems. We assure you that the quality of their products is top-notch, with “handmadeness” being at the core of their model –farmers, woodworkers, and stitchers who all work with their hands. Plus, they donate 1% of all sales to the eco-organizations.

ECO-Inspiration: Reducing Paper Towel Usage

This week, the Ecopiggy team invites you to participate in what we are calling “ECO-Inspirations” – small steps that you and your family can take to form new habits around eco-living. These individual steps on a household level will contribute to big change in the long run, and we find that inspiring!

Most Americans keep paper towels in their home and tend to reach for a sheet almost blindly to use for cleaning, spills, as napkins, etc. Unfortunately, this tendency leads to 13 billion pounds (yes, you read right) of paper towels used globally every day! And because they cannot be recycled (due to dyes, inks, fragrances, and other chemicals), paper towels are sent right to the landfill. With numbers this shocking, we’re hoping you can help us out so we can all move towards a greener planet.