Embrace the Slower Season

How are you all holding up this winter? Hopefully, staying warm, cozy, and healthy all around, but also savoring the delights of this darker, inward season. As we continue to gain more hours of sunlight and parts of the country experience unusually warm weather, it may be tempting to jump into a spring mindset and to start launching new projects and ideas! However, we are still two thirds of the way into our natural cycle of winter (from the solstice on Dec 21 until the vernal equinox on March 20) and it’s the perfect opportunity to embrace this slower, more mindful period of the year.

Meet the Ecopiggy Dream Team

You may be wondering who’s behind the Ecopiggy brand that makes and distributes your favorite children’s products? It’s time to introduce you to our small and mighty team of five women! Together, we’re shaping a new generation of healthy, happy piggies…one binky at a time.   

We all come from diverse backgrounds but what unites us is a dedication to healthy, sustainable living for ourselves, and our families. We do our best to engage in green practices, support local vendors, practice self-care, and treat each other kindly. We spend a lot of time outdoors, adventuring through the gorgeous Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon. Our home base of Ashland is a progressive, health conscious town leading the way in environmentalism.