EcoFriendly Valentines

Are you a health & ecologically-aware parent with a child that needs to bring valentines and candy to school to hand out to the other kids? We have solutions for you here at Ecopiggy! Starting with our Eco-Friendly Non-Mushy Valentines, followed by a ridiculously delicious recipe for homemade chocolates. 

Back to School Sickies

As we are heading into the cold season, make sure that you’re well prepared to battle the sickies with our power duo: Ecopiggy’s exclusive filterless nasal aspirator and Pacidose!

Ecopiggy Nasal Aspirator

We have come a long way since the blue rubber squeeze bulb aspirators that doctors used in the 80’s to suck mucus out of baby’s noses. Being the daughter of an ENT doctor, I got to experience this unfortunate occurrence quite a bit as a child! Luckily, now there is a much gentler and safer alternative. You simply place the soft silicone tip into your child’s nose, and the attached straw allows you to control how much pressure you are using to pull out your little one’s congestion. Our design is unique from others on the market because it requires no filters, and therefore it produces less waste. This product is not just for babies ~ the Ecopiggy founder still uses this product on her children as well, five and seven years old!

Store Spotlight: Bambini – Eugene, a long time Ecopiggy friend

October 2017 Store Spotlight: Bambini – Eugene

As a part of our Wholesale Program, Ecopiggy releases a monthly Store Spotlight to provide a glimpse into the stores that are an extension of our mission —to provide the best natural children’s products available. We know the stores that we work with, daily, have carefully selected their brands that serve the family, environment, and overall health of our communities.

We are proud to kick-off our first Store Spotlight, to one of our neighbors here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest —nestled in the Willamette Valley, Oregon.

Montessori Muffin Madness


If teaching is to be effective with young children, it must assist them to advance on the way to independence. – Maria Montessori

Sometimes it is messy, but when I give my children (3 and 5) space to do things on their own, their confidence shines throughout the day.  They feel more independent and start doing other things by/for themselves, without being asked; putting their shoes away, cleaning up their plates after a meal, making their beds.   The beauty in this independence is that we start to feel more like a team!

Bread and Butter

IMG_7720Morning activity is always a fun way to start the day.  And who doesn’t like warm bread and homemade butter?  The kids helped measure, mix, and knead the bread.  Then Ella covered “her baby” with a tea towel and placed the bowl outside in a sunny spot to “sleep and grow”.  While the dough had a sleep, we made butter.  Shake. Shake. Roll. It became a game.  We sat on the living room rug (lid screwed on very tight) and took turns shaking the jar of cream and then rolling it to the next person.