7 Ways to Swap Out Plastic Wrap

When it comes to preserving food, most of us have become accustomed to the easy, convenient notion of wrapping everything in plastic (and in the process, mummifying it)!  Just open that top drawer in your kitchen filled with plastic baggies, aluminum foil, and most likely, a roll of ubiquitous plastic cling-wrap. With the spotlight on excess plastic waste right now, it’s no wonder we are seeing so many innovative alternatives that offer protection for the environment and even prolong the life of our foods – a win win for all!  {Check out the discounts available for our ReThink Zero-Waste Kits!}

DIY Home Cleaner

The focus on “plastic-free” is in full swing during this month of heightened awareness (#plasticfreejuly). Plastic bags, straws, cups, lids, single-use everything! At Ecopiggy, we feel strongly about these issues as we continue to educate our consumers and encourage tiny changes with huge impact. Let’s zoom in on an area of your household routine that may not receive as much attention on the plastic-free front: cleaning. Yup, that dreaded task we all wish to avoid!

Dinner Dialogue Series #1

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In honor of Earth Month, the Ecopiggy team is thrilled to launch our new “Dinner Dialogue Series,” an ongoing concept we’ll post every First Tuesday of the month, where we invite you to lead a conversation about a suggested environmental topic with your family, over a meal. Having dinner is the perfect opportunity to connect and to listen openly to how your family members feel about these topics, mainly concerning a transition to a more ecofriendly and green lifestyle. We firmly believe that change starts at home so why not use this comfortable environment to engage and educate each other and our future generation of change makers?

Store Spotlight: EarthHero

This week, we’re honored to showcase the incredibly inspiring work of EarthHero, an online marketplace that makes sustainable shopping easy and accessible for all. We’re particularly excited about our new collaboration that allows you to shop for an array of Ecopiggy products among other trusted brands that are doing good for our planet. Below is a conversation with EarthHero’s passionate founder, Ryan Lewis, who truly relishes the natural beauty of Boulder, CO with his family.

Nourish Yourself with Hydration

The winter rain and snow have swept in and saturated our Southern Oregon landscape, providing much needed replenishment before the dry, summer months ahead. The land exudes a healthy green glow, the creeks are flowing vigorously, and the waterfalls tucked away on hiking trails are stunningly beautiful. As such, nature gently reminds us about the importance of hydration in the microcosm of our own bodies.