Changing the world one ECOBAG at a time

Now that summer activities are in full swing, you don’t want to forget all of those items you might need for a day’s adventures! Here at Ecopiggy, we’ve got you covered with our brand new line of string bags by ECOBAGS®, perfect for carefree family outings, travel, and shopping. We love their stylish and simple design in lots of fun colors (all naturally dyed). And yes, practicality – think machine-washable and expandable to hold up to 40 lbs!


Like us, our friends at ECOBAGS® value simplicity and green living practices, along with being women-owned (yes!) and certified B Corp. The products they produce, and distribute through Ecopiggy, are always safe for the family and the planet! These reusable cotton net bags are no exception and we hope you will appreciate their thoughtful craftsmanship and eco-friendly qualities. You can rest assured that this company has been adhering to “social responsibility” practices since 1990, long before it was a buzzword!  All ECOBAGS® products represent quality, certified socially responsible sourcing and manufacturing with a 25+ year commitment to “Cleaning Up The, Planet, One Bag at a Time.” TM

With all of of the recent bans around plastic bags, we’re excited to be offering such a great alternative that empowers YOU, the consumer, to make an impact in your community. Did you know that Europeans have been using these expandable bags already for generations to do most of their market shopping? Well, we’re happy that ECOBAGS is spreading this tradition from their home base in New York. Click here to buy your new stylish tote!


~Kristin Cole

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