Dinner Dialogue Series #1

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In honor of Earth Month, the Ecopiggy team is thrilled to launch our new “Dinner Dialogue Series,” an ongoing concept we’ll post every First Tuesday of the month, where we invite you to lead a conversation about a suggested environmental topic with your family, over a meal. Having dinner is the perfect opportunity to connect and to listen openly to how your family members feel about these topics, mainly concerning a transition to a more ecofriendly and green lifestyle. We firmly believe that change starts at home so why not use this comfortable environment to engage and educate each other and our future generation of change makers?

Once you’ve cooked that delicious, healthful meal (or warmed up leftovers), let’s get started with this week’s topic:

The importance of using reusable products – say goodbye to single-use plastics!

Our goal with this topic is to build awareness about reducing waste: eliminating single-use containers that end up in landfills and instead, training ourselves to always use a reusable alternative. Whether it be bringing your own to-go cup to the coffee shop, a glass straw to the juice shop, produce bags to the grocery store, or your stainless steel reusable food container for leftovers. Track a weekend adventure around town, and take note of how many pieces of garbage are created that could have been avoided. This exercise isn’t about creating shame or guilt. It’s an opportunity to bring awareness to our choices we make, an opportunity to learn, an opportunity to move forward with new habits….as a family.

So let’s get talking! Listen to what comes up at your dinner table and please share in the comments below with our Ecopiggy community. Small steps like conversation will lead to impactful changes for the world!

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