Dinner Dialogue Series #2

We’re on to the next round of conversations to be shared around the table! How did it go last month when we posed the topic of reusable products? What’s coming up for the kiddos, for your partner, your family, or anyone else with whom you’ve engaged?

This week’s topic takes a step back and asks you to consider what it is you’re actually leaving behind when you eat a meal on-the-go.

How much trash or recycling are you generating on your adventures out of the home?  

Our founder’s six-year-old son shared with mom his observation about all of the ziploc bags that his classmates were using in their school lunches. And that instead of bringing them home to clean out and reuse, these kids were stuffing them right into the garbage cans, adding to our growing landfill problem.

So as a family, let’s bring this topic to light by talking about what you might usually pack for a picnic, school lunch, day of car or plane travel, a camping excursion, etc. Or even make it hands-on by putting together a meal-on-the-go and seeing what products can be reused again, and which will have to be thrown away or added to the recycling bin. Our goal is simply for you to notice this footprint and to talk about any small change you can implement together.

At Ecopiggy, our goal is not only to provide you with healthy essentials for your active family but to also bring awareness to solutions that we can all take to ensure a cleaner, greener planet. But in order to leave no trace, we’ve got to start talking about it!  

We’d love to hear your comments below.

~Kristin Cole