Dinner Dialogue Series #5

“Where does it all go???”  My son Alex always has questions.  He always wants to know how things work, why they work the way they do, what if they worked differently, and so on and so on.   He definitely keeps my mind exercised, reaching for answers.   Sometimes the answers lead us to asking further questions.

As the kiddos venture back to school this week, all-observing-Alex wants to know why kids throw so much away during snack and lunch time. 

Mom, they even throw their baggies away.  Don’t they know they can reuse them?! – Alex, age 7

Believe me, I understand the allure of those bulk packed snack options at Costco.  They are all portioned out in their prepackaged, time saving convenience.  Every minute saved each morning, makes a difference….a BIG difference.  Unfortunately, this difference isn’t always beneficial for all.   The amount of garbage sent to the landfill each day from prepackaged snacks is astounding.  In addition, the health benefits are minimal.  

This months Dinner Dialogue question: What snacks can you make, pack, etc as a family?  Start simple, if grabbing a huge bag of cheddar popcorn from your local store is easiest for your family, then do it…then turn on some tunes, set up an assembly line, and have fun packing some snacks for the week!  Some of our Favorite Snack Options

  • sliced fruit and veggies 
  • homemade banana bread
  • crackers+cheese 
  • cereals
  • nut mix 

ECOlunchbox has created a beautiful line of ocean-conscious food containers, that are leak-proof and easy for little (and big) hands to maneuver.  

Not ready to buy new containers?  Reuse… 

  • yogurt containers
  • jelly jars
  • tortilla bags

Can’t find the lid that fits your unique shaped jelly jar?  No fear!  Food Huggers is here to help.  They offer unique sizes that that fit just about any jar.   Great options for ZeroWaste PlasticFree lunches and snack packs are available through Ecopiggy.   

See what we have to offer HERE.