DIY Home Cleaner

The focus on “plastic-free” is in full swing during this month of heightened awareness (#plasticfreejuly). Plastic bags, straws, cups, lids, single-use everything! At Ecopiggy, we feel strongly about these issues as we continue to educate our consumers and encourage tiny changes with huge impact. Let’s zoom in on an area of your household routine that may not receive as much attention on the plastic-free front: cleaning. Yup, that dreaded task we all wish to avoid!

So many of us are already integrating natural, non-toxic cleaning solutions into our home spaces, especially with little ones who might be extra sensitive to chemicals. Those store-bought green solutions use lovely botanicals like lemon verbena, lavender, and eucalyptus, along with good-for-the-earth ingredients. Be proud that you are making this shift! Better yet if you are buying refills in a large container versus purchasing a new spray bottle or hand soap dispenser every time.

Another way to save plastic (and money!)…

…on the cleaning front is to make your own simple solutions with basic, easy-to-find ingredients. This way, your single plastic spray bottle can live a long, hardy life as you continue to refill it from glass jars or other reusable vessels in your home. The ultimate goal is to reuse, reduce, and rethink so that we’re not acquiring more, but rather, breathing new life into what we already have!

Here is our DIY recipe…

…for a multi-purpose home cleaner that works wonders on surfaces, bathrooms, kitchens, and anywhere you need thorough disinfection. White vinegar is safe and effective but can be strongly scented so this formula incorporates aromatherapy from fruits and herbs. And know that the fruits’ acid has extra cleaning properties! Our founder, Hayley, makes this at home and we have a spray bottle at our warehouse in order to keep our shelves and workspace squeaky clean.

Citrus + Rosemary All-Purpose Cleaner

You’ll need:

  • Large mason jar
  • 2 cups distilled white vinegar
  • citrus fruit peels (any variety!)
  • a couple rosemary sprigs
  • reusable spray bottle

Place the mason jar on your countertop and as you and your family eat citrus fruit, discard the peels in the jar. Cover with distilled white vinegar and mash down gently with a wooden spoon. Gradually add more peels and rosemary sprigs until you have filled your jar with about 2 cups of vinegar. Let this mixture infuse for about 2 weeks after which time you’ll have a nice, fragrant base. Mix this with water in a 1:1 ratio in your spray bottle and shake before use. Feel free to add more water if the vinegar smell is too strong for you.


~Kristin Cole

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