Earth Love : Zero Waste Bambu Utensils

Yesterday we collectively recognized our planet (Happy Day to you!) within Earth Month, but here at Ecopiggy we like to keep the love going year round! Our team celebrates Mama Earth everyday, feeling grateful for all the natural beauty she shares.

As you know, Ecopiggy is always striving to provide you and your families with safe, reusable products that are kind to nature. We want to help you take mindful steps towards a waste-free lifestyle and reduce our reliance on plastics and other toxic materials.

We are especially excited to launch some new items from Bambu that are gentle to the planet and versatile for feeding the whole family. We can’t speak highly enough of our friends at this mission-driven company who are obsessed with sustainability, consciousness, and supporting local systems. We assure you that the quality of their products is top-notch, with “handmadeness” being at the core of their model –farmers, woodworkers, and stitchers who all work with their hands. Plus, they donate 1% of all sales to the eco-organizations.

Let us introduce you to our new on-the-go utensil sets that are compact, lightweight, and eco-friendly. Perfect for traveling, picnicking, and outdoor adventures! You can even include these items as part of your everyday eco-survival kit, reaching for them to avoid single-use plastics. All Bambu products (including those in our baby and toddler line) are certified organic and vegan, carved out from a single piece of wildly harvested bamboo (no chemicals, ever). They have a satiny feel and are a delight to the touch – no risk of splinters here!

Spork and Cork: This tiny but ergonomic eating utensil is the size of a credit card and makes it easy to always have on hand! We love the cuteness factor, including the cork case, which not only looks great but keeps your spork clean.

Travel Utensil Set with eco-conscious pouch: A set of threel ightweight utensils that are protected with a choice of your favorite natural fabric: cork, hemp demin, or organic cotton stripe. Add some fun to your adventures!

Reusable Straw + Sleeve: The perfect place to safely store your bamboo or glass straw. Available in cork or hemp denim

We hope you love these sleek, new products as much as we do. They are a perfect Earth Month gift for family and friends who want to start living greener. So let’s start now!


~Kristin Cole

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