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New approach to packing your produce.

Did you know? …that in the US, only 1% of plastic bags actually get recycled? Sadly, the rest end up in landfills or oceans.

I’m sure you’ve been inundated by the topic of plastic shopping bags and bans! It’s interesting though, that produce bags (those thin clear or green bags you pull off the roll) get left out of the conversation and they’re just as difficult to recycle or reuse. And, they’re just as massive of a contributor to our trash.

Ambrosia Reusable Produce Bag - ECO-inspiration

A new approach to packing your produce!

At Ecopiggy, we are always thrilled to share ideas that make your shopping and on-the-go adventures more eco-friendly, efficient, and joyful. We love the idea of replacing the plastic produce bag with a reusable version that’s expandable, lightweight and washable! Made from materials like mesh, cotton (or organic cotton), and recycled plastic, they’re ideal for shopping and unloading or even storing some varieties of produce right in your crisper. We recommend transferring loose spinach or arugula to another container to avoid wilting.

This month, our local Food Co-op started charging an additional .02 for plastic produce bags and simultaneously dropped the price of reusable bags to only .25! Change truly does come from both the individual as well as business level. Join us for this month’s plastic-free challenge!

Here are some easy tips to [ECO]inspire you!

  • Gift yourself a pack of fun, reusable produce bags. Here are some great styles to order directly from Ecopiggy! While you’re at it, these make wonderful gifts for friends and family who want to take small, green, actionable steps. Shop ECOBAGS here.
  • Place your loose produce directly into your shopping cart (wash the skins later), or into your tote/straw bag if you’re at the farmers market.
  • Use a paper produce bag instead of plastic; remember to bring it with you for next week’s shopping trip.
  • Same goes for berries at a market stand; ask the farmer to place them right into your Ambrosia Berry Bag straight in the little basket. Then next week, return the empty basket to the farmer to be reused. Ambrosia mushroom, berry, herb, and veggie bags available HERE
  • Reuse thin plastic bags from other purchased goods (bread, tortillas, pasta, etc.) to give them added value before tossing.

Get on board and spread the #plasticfree mission far and wide! It’s absurd to think that we’re still living among all the plastic bags that we’ve produced in our lifetime. It’s time to rethink our part!

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