ECO-Inspiration: Reducing Paper Towel Usage

This week, the Ecopiggy team invites you to participate in what we are calling “ECO-Inspirations” – small steps that you and your family can take to form new habits around eco-living. These individual steps on a household level will contribute to big change in the long run, and we find that inspiring!

Most Americans keep paper towels in their home and tend to reach for a sheet almost blindly to use for cleaning, spills, as napkins, etc. Unfortunately, this tendency leads to 13 billion pounds (yes, you read right) of paper towels used globally every day! And because they cannot be recycled (due to dyes, inks, fragrances, and other chemicals), paper towels are sent right to the landfill. With numbers this shocking, we’re hoping you can help us out so we can all move towards a greener planet.

For this next week, let’s lessen our use of paper towels or napkins and even strive to eliminate them altogether, while committing to something reusable and sustainable instead.  While for some this may seem easy, it does require being mindful whenever the choice presents itself. You’ll notice that this new type of thinking will shift over to other areas of your life where you could avoid single use products, whether it be paper, plastic bags, straws, or containers/utensils.

Here are some ideas from our team for taking on this fun ECO-inspiration:

  • Hang a towel by your kitchen sink for any hand washing.
  • Use a cloth napkin for dining at home and make sure to skip the paper napkins or take less when eating out.
  • When cleaning, use a rag or old ripped t-shirt instead. Something that can be washed and reused easily.
  • If microwaving a plate of food that could splatter, place an inverted plate on top of it.
  • When you’re in a public bathroom, always look for an air dryer to dry off your hands.

If you can’t fully eliminate paper towels from your life, can you commit to switching to a brand with less environmental impact, made from recycled material or bamboo pulp? Did you know that if every household in America bought just one roll of recycled paper towels instead of a roll from new trees, it would save 544,000 trees! Talk about a positive impact.

Thanks for joining our Ecopiggy team in this week’s ECO-Inspiration.  Together we can make a difference!


~Kristin Cole

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