ECO-Inspiration: Sipping on the Go

We’re back with another ECO-Inspiration that we hope will help shift the habit around to-go beverages in this country. There has been a lot of recent media attention about plastic bags and containers (hooray to all the bans!) but another culprit of environmental degradation can be blamed on our on-the-go caffeine reliance. I was shocked to read that the US accounts for 120 billion paper, plastic and foam coffee cups each year (1/5 of the world total!) Truly devastating when you learn that 99% of it ends up as trash! Even compostable cups require oxygen to break down and our landfills are too tightly packed to help that process.

So with these crazy numbers, you’re thinking, “What can I possibly do to even make a dent?” Actually, A LOT! Our company is all about education and inspiration around a healthier, greener lifestyle – and as part of our Ecopiggy family, we’re hoping you can help us by serving as a positive example or sharing wisdom with others in your community. This is how we come together and create change. Are you in?

For this next week, can you be aware of how many to-go cups you are using when you fuel up on hot or cold beverages? And mindfully try to consume those beverages in a reusable to-go container instead? Not only will this help Mother Earth but also your own wellbeing by avoiding contact with toxic plastics. Places that serve hot beverages will truly appreciate this gesture and may even offer a discount.  

Here are some ideas from our team for taking on this week’s ECO-inspiration:

  • Keep an insulated coffee tumbler in your car and bring it along on trips. So many amazing options from which to choose! Bonus: this will keep your drinks warmer, or colder, for longer.
  • If you don’t have a travel mug, use a mason jar instead. There are some designed with handles or even fun slip covers to protect your fingers from the heat.   
  • Bring your favorite ceramic mug to a café and sit down for a couple minutes to savor your beverage (and the latte art) then take the rest to go.
  • If you can sit down and enjoy your full beverage at the location, even better. Look to other cultures for inspiration!
  • If you get a to-go cup, make sure it’s just a single cup and not two, which many businesses do to keep your fingers safe.  You can also request no plastic top.  Feel good about that awareness.

We hope you take this ECO-inspiration to heart! Now enjoy that favorite beverage wherever you may want a warm sip.


~Kristin Cole

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