EcoFriendly Valentines

Are you a health & ecologically-aware parent with a child that needs to bring valentines and candy to school to hand out to the other kids? We have solutions for you here at Ecopiggy! Starting with our Eco-Friendly Non-Mushy Valentines, followed by a ridiculously delicious recipe for homemade chocolates. 

Ecopiggy offers three {3} adorable sets of valentines cards, printed with soy-based inks, on recycled paper. The designs are cute, clear, and friendly – and guaranteed to bring a smile to your face upon seeing them.  The options that we are carrying are: Animals With Heart, Super-Heart, and Sugar&Spice, with original artwork by Anna Elkins.

Now for the chocolates.  Whip up a batch of sugar-free chocolates in less than 20 minutes! No need to be intimidated, they are extremely simple to make. Search online to find some food-grade silicone chocolate molds, and a candy funnel (with stopper) ahead of time. If I’m making different flavors, I love to use an assortment of hearts, stars and seashells so that I can tell them apart.  And if you aren’t allowed to bring homemade goodies to school, make these anyway!  You deserve a treat too.

From Annie’s Kitchen

Ingredients Homemade Sugar-Free Chocolates:

~equal parts cacao powder and cacao butter (NOT cocoa!) (1 cup each makes approximately 3 dozen little chocolates depending on the size of the molds)

~sweetener of your choice to taste (stevia, maple syrup, honey, date syrup, coconut sugar, monk fruit)

~pinch of salt

~optional flavor add-ins:

cashew butter with vanilla extract

almond extract

orange, rose, or peppermint essential oil


Melt the cacao butter, by stirring rapidly over low heat in a double boiler or make your own by filling up a large saucepan with a couple inches of water and place a smaller saucepan (with handles to suspend it) in the center. Remove from heat and whisk in the cacao powder until fully dissolved evenly. Add in the salt and the sweetener a little bit at a time and taste-test to get the desired sweetness that your child will tolerate 🙂 You can put it back over the low heat for a minute or two if you are having trouble getting the sweetener to blend in, but don’t overdo it. Remove the chocolate from the heat again and whisk in any optional add-ins, then transfer all of the chocolate to the funnel. You will be amazed how easy it is to use a candy funnel with stopper, rather than a spoon! Put the soft silicone molds on a solid surface like a cookie sheet or cutting board before filling them with chocolate, as you will want to be able to move them without spilling them. Fill the chocolate molds from the funnel, closing the funnel when moving between chocolates. It’s only necessary to open the mold a tiny bit – the liquid chocolate comes out very fast! Place the chocolates in the freezer for a few hours. When they pop out easily, try one to see if they’re solid the whole way through. You can individually wrap them in pre-cut foil squares, or little baggies for your child to pass out!

Happy Valentine’s Day!