Ecopiggy’s Eco Blocks!


Your child will learn early on to distinguish between shapes. The observation of same and different is one of the first, and most basic educational processes. Rubbee Blocks were created to provide a more sustainable alternative to their plastic or wooden counterparts.




 Each piece was thoughtfully designed to support your child’s developing brain, as visual process begins with shapes. Separating shapes into triangles and squares supports fine motor skills; being able to discern one from the other is a precursor to learning letters and numbers, and plays a vital role in language skills.




It’s no secret that children learn best by feeling and touching, for babies that means putting everything in their mouths. RubbeeBlocks are made from the same pure 100% pure rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis) as our Ecopacifier. They are safe and fun for all stages, even in the bath!





We believe it’s important to think of the overall footprint when manufacturing products, which is why we manufacture our products right at the source of natural rubber, in Malaysia! They arrive here to us at Ecopiggy Headquarters in Oregon, are hand-inspected, and lovingly sent to you. 



Photos provided by @fortheloveofmommyhood + @theaddyadventures

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