Embrace the Slower Season

How are you all holding up this winter? Hopefully, staying warm, cozy, and healthy all around, but also savoring the delights of this darker, inward season. As we continue to gain more hours of sunlight and parts of the country experience unusually warm weather, it may be tempting to jump into a spring mindset and to start launching new projects and ideas! However, we are still two thirds of the way into our natural cycle of winter (from the solstice on Dec 21 until the vernal equinox on March 20) and it’s the perfect opportunity to embrace this slower, more mindful period of the year.

Mother Nature has shown us her fair share of varying and unexpected conditions this season, which may have put a heavier strain on your mind and bodies. Perhaps you’ve spent too much time hibernating and are feeling a bit stir crazy or depleted from too little sunlight? Whatever you are experiencing in this moment, know that this it is a temporary feeling and specific to the quality of winter. But ultimately, how can you embrace and appreciate the beauty that accompanies this time? How can you prioritize your own wellbeing to show up more fully in this world?  

Here at ecopiggy, your distributor for natural children’s products, our team engages in various rituals throughout these darker months that allow us to deeply connect to ourselves. We enjoy being out in nature, admiring the gorgeous snow-capped mountains, soaking up precious rays of sunlight, or indulging in a moment without technology or conversation. We also appreciate being in warm, healing waters – be it a candlelit epsom salt bath or a soak at a local bathhouse. Some of us turn to yoga to slow down and tune into our breath, or to build heat and strength. Receiving a massage or visiting the sauna / steam room helps to strengthen our body’s immunity in winter. Finally, indoor rituals like lighting candles, getting lost in a good book, making tea, or preparing hearty soups are ways to celebrate this fleeting season. What are your favorite self-care practices?  

~Kristin Cole

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