Game Changers Meal Prep

Meal prep is everything.  I could end the blog post there.  Full stop.  Period.  However, let me explain further.  As a mother of two amazing kiddos, and the founder of Ecopiggy, LIFE IS FULL!  Meal Prep is a Game Changer for our week and our health.   Taking a few hours on the weekend to plan and prep healthy organic food for the week, ensures that when volleyball practice ends at 5:30 on Tuesday, and we are all starving, a nourishing dinner will only take minutes to heat and enjoy!

Sunday morning, while eating breakfast, we created a menu for the week.  It needed to be kid friendly, lunch friendly…and plant based!  Many of you have heard of the Netflix documentary, The Game Changers, which dispels the beliefs around meat, protein, and strength.  Our household is already non-dairy and egg-free, so when I received the invite by a tall handsome Dane to give a plant-based diet a try, I thought, “Why not?!”  I mean, if a man of Viking stature can commit, so can this little Italian.

Our menu was to include: 

  • Vegetable Curry
  • Quinoa Chili
  • Roasted Vegetables
  • Brown Rice
  • Yum Sauce
  • Chopped Fresh Veggies
  • Ella’s Bitchin’ Sauce (recipe and video coming soon)
  • Kitchari for breakfast

Grocery list created, we tag teamed the shopping, spending around $100 for groceries that five people will eat from for the week.   Not purchasing animal products greatly reduced the grocery bill, and reduced our carbon footprint! Huge.Added.Bonus.  

If you are more the type to dip your toe, and test the water before jumping all in, Suzy Amis Cameron recently launched the book The OMD Plan.  Through this book she shares the environmental and health benefits of starting with just ONE plant-based meal a day.    Did you notice the vibrant deliciousness in the opening image of this blog post???  Plant-based eating doesn’t just mean rabbit greens.   

Whether you are a plant-based eater or not, meal prepping for the week is a game changer.  Send us an email if you need some inspiration!

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