Meal Prep the Ecopiggy Way

I don’t know about you, but when I’m super busy I can tend to not eat very well. This is not really a good thing for anyone, but especially so when you have little ones that you are tending to. I have worked in a few kitchens over the years and they always have something in common: lots of prepped ingredients ready to use for recipes. So, what if you spent a 1/2 hour, twice per week doing some meal prep to make your life a lot easier when it comes to making healthy meals?

Firstly, don’t overwhelm yourself.  Meal-prep is meant to be helpful and eliminate some stress throughout the week. Want to make batch-cooking even more stress-free, immediately (if not, sooner!) pick up a food processor with shredding and slicing attachments if you don’t already have one. Then figure out which veggies you use the most and pick some clear containers to use for storing them in the fridge. Start with half a dozen or so. For me it’s carrots, beets, kale, onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Peel and trim the carrots and beets and then run each through the food processor with the shredding wheel, then set up your slicing attachment and run the tomatoes, onions and peeled cucumbers through. Fill storage containers of each ingredient as you are doing this. Lastly, I remove the stems from my kale and then slice it into little strips which I will use in many different things from soups to salads to stir-frys. You can either do this with a special de-stemming tool, or simply with your hands/a knife. I also like to keep peeled garlic on hand, so that I’m less tempted to use the powder for convenience. Tada! Now you have lots of veggies ready to be used in meals!

Additionally, you can do the same thing with your proteins. For example, roast a whole chicken and then you can store the meat in a container to be used for a multitude of recipes. Hard boil a dozen eggs, peel, slice, and store them, for a quick protein boost to add to a salad. Cook off some ground beef with taco seasonings and then you have meat ready to go for the next few days. Of course, adjust your amounts to keep on hand to the size of your family.

Our most favorite way to meal prep, is to host a “meal-prep play-date”.  The kids can play, while mamas prep food together.  Many hands make light work!

Have fun! Be creative! Enjoy.

Eco LunchBox  Plastic-Free Food Containers

During my travels in India, I first noticed the metal “to go” containers for sale all over the place. Over there they are called tiffins, which is also a word that is used to describe an in-between meal. Here at Ecopiggy, we carry a full line of these stainless steel containers in various shapes and sizes, to meet all of your to-go lunch or picnic needs, including several sizes of single-portion cups with food-grade LEAK-PROOF silicone lids. The line of containers that we stock is ECOlunchbox. They are completely BPA free, safe to put in the dishwasher, and will not retain any funny smells or stains! I love mine that stacks with different dishes in each one, it takes lunch at work to the next level!

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