Meet the Ecopiggy Dream Team

You may be wondering who’s behind the Ecopiggy brand that makes and distributes your favorite children’s products? It’s time to introduce you to our small and mighty team of five women! Together, we’re shaping a new generation of healthy, happy piggies…one binky at a time.  


We all come from diverse backgrounds but what unites us is a dedication to healthy, sustainable living for ourselves, and our families. We do our best to engage in green practices, support local vendors, practice self-care, and treat each other kindly. We spend a lot of time outdoors, adventuring through the gorgeous Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon. Our home base of Ashland is a progressive, health conscious town leading the way in environmentalism. 

Living green translates to a natural passion for the products that we manufacture and supply at ecopiggy. We are transparent about the ingredients we use (and also keep out of our products!) and how they are sourced. Our relationship with suppliers, vendors, and customers is one of utmost integrity and open communication. We enjoy using all the products ourselves and feel confident sharing these eco-friendly gems with your families as well.  

Most importantly, we are light-hearted and don’t take ourselves too seriously! Our newly renovated office is a beautiful, uplifting space where we share ideas, inspiration, homemade healthy treats, and lots of laughter. We welcome you to visit! Until then, meet our dream team:

Hayley: Our Founder extraordinaire! Living and breathing the mission with her two piggies; office nourisher. (@ecopiggy.mama)

Katie: Holds down the logistics by communicating with buyers and managing the sales team; office DJ and mama to one piggy.

Jane: Liaison to Whole Foods and other health-focused chain stores; maintains the beautiful aesthetic and energy of the office.

Kristin: Fulfills orders and ships them lovingly your way; blog writer; mama to our canine mascot, Finn.

Hailey: Manages the packaging of each and every pacifier with care (yes, we still do it by hand!); mama to our youngest piglet.



~ Kristin Cole

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