Pantry :: Homemade Granola

Banana Blueberry Coconut Granola {Gluten-Free + Vegan}

Anyone who knows me, knows my love for cooking.  I have so many memories from childhood of cooking with my grandparents and friends.  I actually started taking cooking classes when I was in first grade.   A women down the street from us would charge all the neighborhood kids 50 cents each to learn a special recipe.  We would all gather together, a children’s parade, and walk to her house together.  No adult supervision, just a mob of kids each with two quarters in her (and his) pocket to learn such things as cupcakes in ice cream cones and quesadillas.  They were simple, fun recipes, but enough to ignite an interest that would last into my adulthood.

As a busy mom entrepreneur, I find that most of my creative energy happens in the kitchen.  I’m in there anyway.  The family needs to eat.  So why not incorporate creative energy and time with the kids?!   It’s an opportunity for me to share my passion and to bring healthy (and sometimes totally unhealthy) foods to our table.

This particular day, two over ripe bananas sit in our fruit bowl.  Such an ingredient normally leads to one of three things; banana bread, banana “ice cream” (frozen bananas pushed through the champion juicer), or granola.  Today it’s granola.  The house smells amazing.

Birthing Alex

First Day TogetherOne can never fully understand the beauty of the female body, until one has experienced child birth.  Unfortunately this means that men will never have a full understanding, as they can only witness the miracle rather than experience the journey. And one must experience the journey…the fear, the joy, the trust of things known and unknown, the power, the raw moment of letting go.

My favorite quote by midwife (and friend) Veege Ruediger, during Alex’s birth was “Strong is good.”  As another contraction began, these three simple words were like a magical elixir, giving me strength, reminding me that my body was designed to give birth. Reminding me that the stronger the contraction the closer I was to meeting my beautiful baby boy.  Finally it reminded me that I AM STRONG.  That I can face my fear. I can embrace my joy. I can trust my being. I can let go and meet my deepest power.
Welcome Baby Alex.  Born June 4th at 11:18pm.  7 lb 2 oz.
Thank you for the lessons you have already begun to teach.

Inside Winter Fun

Ella and I enjoyed a day mixed with creative projects and cooking.  When I was a little girl my Great Aunt Rose would come over to craft with my mom.  She would always bring a little project for me to work on.  Today, while I created some fun bean bags (inspired by the LovelyMorning blog) made from scrap pieces of felt and printed cotton, Ella worked on her felt collage!  So much fun to see her little creative mind having fun.  Later we made pumpkin muffins for Ella’s play group.  Ella LOVES to cook!

Zucchini. Zucchini. Zucchini.

This summer we had our first big garden in a long time.  And perhaps I got carried away planting certain things…one of which was zucchini.  I couldn’t help it.  I have such fantastic memories of walking around my grandparent’s garden.  Their zucchini plants towering around me as I walked the rows.  I had to recreate the magic within our garden.  And so, this summer our family has enjoyed zucchini everyday, everyway.

  • Zucchini Pancakes
  • Zucchini Bread
  • Quiche with Zucchini
  • Torte de Courge
  • Stuffed Zucchini
  • Grilled Zucchini
  • Zucchini Frittata
  • Zucchini Relish
  • Cous Cous Salad with Roasted Zucchini

… the list goes on.

Saturday Morning

…before the summer heat lead us inside.

  • Stroll along the creek.
  • Berry Picnic.
  • Farmer’s Market $2 bouquet!!!
  • Happiness.