Berry Season

blueberrymuffin Two of my favorite things:

1. The Farmer’s Market;  the beautiful bounty that our farmers bring us.

2. Getting creative in the kitchen with the treasures I find at the market.

This week’s inspiration came with the gorgeous blueberries from Pennington Farms.   The craving for muffins set in the minute I saw these gorgeous little jewels.  With my sister in town offering Auntie-time for Ella, I had just the right amount of time to let my creativity loose in the kitchen…Blueberry Pecan Muffins! {wheatfree and oooh sooo delicious}

One Year Old!













Ella has officially turned ONE!  We had two celebrations.  One with her friends, and the other was a joint birthday party with her cousin Parker, who is nine days older than Ella.  For the second party, my dad’s side of the family, along with Ella’s grandparents from New York, got together for an Italian feast…and a feast it was!   My parents created a big pot of homemade meatballs {Ella’s favorite} and my Aunt Marie {Ella Marie’s namesake} brought an elk lasagna.  I made my grandma’s baked chicken and my grandpa’s famous chocolate cake recipe for the adults to enjoy after dinner…along with adequate veggie dishes to balance out the abundance of “carne”.  To family…cheers!

Bringing Joy

ella tree Ella’s first Christmas.  Our first Christmas as parents.  At seven months old, she wasn’t exactly concerned about what Santa would be bringing, or sugar cookies, or what the count of gifts were under the tree.  {thank goodness}

To see Christmas through her observant eyes was such a joy and a reminder that the truest gift of Christmas are the memories shared.

The Mete family is definitely known for great, often hilarious, memories!  santalaughsThis year, Dad dressed up as Santa. Siena and Parker were not amused, Ella was curious, and the adults rolled off the furniture in laughter.  Pants, a bit too big, not to mention too short.  Mom, unsuccessful in “plumping” Santa with a pillow.  Tark’s silky bloomers..need I say more.

Ella’s Christmas Eve ended with a special gift from the East coast, a beautiful book of The Night Before Christmas.  With each turn of a page, we heard Grandma’s voice telling the story and sending her holiday wishes to Ella from New York!  So sweet, so special!

Joy * Joy * Joy

Introducing Solid Foods

Food is one of those magical things in life…and one of my utmost passions.  Ella seems to share my joy, she can’t get enough!  It’s fun to venture around the farmer’s market and see what fresh produce can become her first flavors….butternut squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, free range chicken…

And we’ve discovered that some veggies make great teethers!  Definitely not as great as her new favorite RiNGLEY Sun teether, but nevertheless something different to explore.

Her list of “firsts” continues to expand.  What will be next?

Great Grandma

All three cousins with Great Grandma

I had two dreams growing up, my first dream was that I could dance with my grandfather at my wedding.  My grandfather past before I got married, however he came to me in a dream one night and when I asked why he was there, he said “To give you your dance!”  The dream was so real, I’ve counted it as so.  My second dream has been for my grandparents to meet my children, to link the generations of our family.   My Grandma still lives in the same house where my father was raised, and to take Ella over tovisit Grandma adds one more layer of memories to that house . Seeing the smile on Grandma’s face as she holds her great grandchildren is a gift that is truly priceless!