Spring Crafts, the Natural Way

We’re thrilled to welcome in all the joys of spring! Longer days, bright green landscapes, budding flowers, and Farmers Market visits are just some of the highlights this time of year. With many of the kiddos on Spring Break this week, we are are always discussing fun, eco-friendly projects that will keep families entertained either at home or on vacation.

Store Spotlight: EarthHero

This week, we’re honored to showcase the incredibly inspiring work of EarthHero, an online marketplace that makes sustainable shopping easy and accessible for all. We’re particularly excited about our new collaboration that allows you to shop for an array of Ecopiggy products among other trusted brands that are doing good for our planet. Below is a conversation with EarthHero’s passionate founder, Ryan Lewis, who truly relishes the natural beauty of Boulder, CO with his family.

Nourish Yourself with Hydration

The winter rain and snow have swept in and saturated our Southern Oregon landscape, providing much needed replenishment before the dry, summer months ahead. The land exudes a healthy green glow, the creeks are flowing vigorously, and the waterfalls tucked away on hiking trails are stunningly beautiful. As such, nature gently reminds us about the importance of hydration in the microcosm of our own bodies.

Oatmeal: Culinary Blank Canvas

Oatmeal serves as the perfect base in which to bring out your inner artist – don’t you think? Recently, I’ve been inspired by the array of sweet and savory combinations of dishes that can be created with so humble and simple of a grain: the oat. Oatmeal is not only nutritious and satisfying, but also a beautiful culinary work of art and an affordable meal year-round. Color, texture and taste can be delicately crafted in endless variations – think miso, sliced radishes, cilantro, a poached farm egg and toasted seeds for a savory explosion. Or a nourishing sweet version like the one our founder, Hayley, brought for the team one morning, filled with playful toppings and infusions like nut butter, cacao powder, currants, and persimmon.

Embrace the Slower Season

How are you all holding up this winter? Hopefully, staying warm, cozy, and healthy all around, but also savoring the delights of this darker, inward season. As we continue to gain more hours of sunlight and parts of the country experience unusually warm weather, it may be tempting to jump into a spring mindset and to start launching new projects and ideas! However, we are still two thirds of the way into our natural cycle of winter (from the solstice on Dec 21 until the vernal equinox on March 20) and it’s the perfect opportunity to embrace this slower, more mindful period of the year.