Nourish Yourself with Hydration

The winter rain and snow have swept in and saturated our Southern Oregon landscape, providing much needed replenishment before the dry, summer months ahead. The land exudes a healthy green glow, the creeks are flowing vigorously, and the waterfalls tucked away on hiking trails are stunningly beautiful. As such, nature gently reminds us about the importance of hydration in the microcosm of our own bodies.

Since we are composed of 60-70% water, it is only natural that we continuously replenish this supply. Water is paramount to the wellbeing of our physical and mental state, providing nourishment to the cells and keeping our bodily systems flowing. If you experience brain fog or sluggish energy, that should be an indicator to hydrate!  

The recommended daily dose of hydrating fluids (in oz) is half of our body weight, adding more for caffeine consumption, physical activity and a hot climate. Your options are plentiful: filtered water (infused with cucumber, citrus or herbs if you wish), electrolyte water (water mixed with a mineral-rich salt*), coconut water and newer to the market maple water, bone broth, and herbal teas. Water-rich veggies like cucumbers, radishes, apples, celery, and melons are incredibly refreshing to the body as well. In fact, these foods are more efficient at keeping us hydrated as water slowly makes its way through our digestive system – win win!

Start incorporating some of these elements into your daily routine and work incrementally to reach your optimal level of hydration. You’ll notice huge improvements to your body, mind and spirit! Ecopiggy focuses heavily on this area of your life and supplies various bottles and vessels for you and your child to stay healthy with our trusted brands at Pura and Drink in the Box. For those of you who love to sip out of straws, Bambu offers an earth-friendly and fun alternative to plastic, in two sizes.

Finally, let’s not forget about water as a beauty nutrient, keeping our skin (70% water) radiant and supple! In order to properly care for our skin, we should be massaging organic, unrefined oils like coconut, sesame and olive after a bath or shower. Talk about self-love! Another option is to rub your feet with an oil-based balm before bed, tuck them into socks for a nourishing, overnight solution.

May you remain hydrated and healthy in all areas of your life!

*Add ¼ – ½ teaspoon of Grey Atlantic salt (high in mineral content) to an 8 oz. glass of water. It should taste slightly saline.

~Kristin Cole