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Glass Straws Short 2pk


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Ecopiggy introduces the newest member to our essentials family, 2pk Classic Glass Straws.  Our plastic-free glass straws are handmade in the USA and are extremely durable. At 6.25″ long they are perfect for sipping juice, smoothies, coffee, or cocktails. Fill up your favorite tumbler, slide in our glass straw, and kick back and relax…this glass straw is safe for your family and safe for the planet.

  • Made to last with a Lifetime Guarantee
  • 2pk
  • 6.25″
  • Includes Cleaning Brush
  • Cobranded with Drinking Straw Glass

100% plastic-free, including packaging.

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Weight 1.6 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 1.5 × 2.25 in


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