Reuse. Reduce. Hydrate.

Did you know that the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) suggests about 5 ounces (or two kid-size gulps) of water or a sports drink every 20 minutes for an 88-pound child.  Offering healthy drinks regularly with Drink in the Box, Pura, and Kupp will help ensure proper hydration…and reduces waste. 

HealthyKids.  Healthy Planet.

Drink in the Box is Leak-proof when closed, Dishwasher Safe, and extremely Durable. 



FACT: Disposable juice boxes are terrible for kids

  • Usually poor quality juice
  • High sugar content (+7 tsp in some cases)
  • No fiber
  • Evaporated vitamins
  • And are even susceptible to hidden mold –  just do a search on “juice box mold” for yourself!

How do you know what your kids are drinking if you cannot see inside the box??

Drink in the Box gives you control and variety, so you can give your children healthy alternatives.
Here are a few of our favorite things to fill Drink in the Box with:
  • CocoHydro by Big Tree.  Just mix with water for Coconut Water Anytime…Anywhere. 
  • “Juice Water” Mix your favorite juice with some water for a less sugary option.
  • “Fruit Water” Add some fresh sliced fruit, berries, or a squeeze of citrus to your water.
  • “Green Smoothies” …or whatever color your family loves!
  • Kefir.  My daughter prefers it over chocolate milk.

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