Spring Crafts, the Natural Way

We’re thrilled to welcome in all the joys of spring! Longer days, bright green landscapes, budding flowers, and Farmers Market visits are just some of the highlights this time of year. With many of the kiddos on Spring Break this week, we are are always discussing fun, eco-friendly projects that will keep families entertained either at home or on vacation.

At Ecopiggy, we love to showcase our favorite spring crafts that are perfect with Easter just around the corner. Our friends and neighbors at Natural Earth Paint (one street over from our warehouse!) supply us with Natural Egg Dyes and Wooden Craft Kits that are 100% safe, nontoxic, and lovingly handmade from the Earth’s bounty! Like us, their team is passionately dedicated to the environment and to keeping our kids healthy and thriving.  All of their materials are curated with intention and care, down to the bamboo paintbrushes, sustainable wood, biodegradable bags, and recycled paper.

In today’s world, so many art supplies and dyes (especially the color red) are loaded with chemicals and toxic ingredients for children and adults alike. But rest assured, these beautiful hues are made with pure fruit, herb, and vegetable extracts. Ingredients like spinach, purple carrots, turmeric, beets, red cabbage, blueberries are on the menu.  This, in itself, invites the conversation with kids about multiple uses for foods. Bonus! And how special to be able to bring back the ancient traditions of dyeing and painting using all natural plant extracts and earth pigments? History lesson as well.

To top it off, know that you are supporting a small, mission-driven company like Natural Earth Paint that has done its research and sourced its materials sustainably. We’re proud to carry this line at Ecopiggy and share these gems with your families.

~Kristin Cole

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