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Store Spotlight

The Health Food Store in Idaho

Small businesses are the backbone of our country. They often times bring community together, providing connections that cross divides. Here at Ecopiggy we honor and appreciate the independently owned and often-times family-run businesses that offer our brands to their loyal customers.

Today we would like to introduce you to The Health Food Store in Grangeville, Idaho.

The Health Food Store - Store Spotlight Feature

What is the origin story of The Health Food Store?

The Health Food Store was started in 1996 by Mondo and Jude Leon, and was a labor of love. This love of providing their small community with high quality, healthy staples, wisdom, and excellent customer service was passed down to their oldest daughter Libby Peck. Libby and her husband Rodney took over the business in 2019 and have continued to grow and expand on what was built, constantly striving to provide their amazing community with the best products possible.

What are three important factors that you consider when selecting brands to feature in your store?

  • The wants and needs of our customers greatly impact brands we consider selecting. Keeping our customers happy is our number one priority.
  • Availability of product is extremely important in deciding who’s products we sell. We are a small family owned and operated store, so the room on our shelves is very valuable real estate. In order to keep our customers happy, it is imperative that we are able to consistently provide them with the products they’ve come to love.
  • Quality of product is also one of our top priorities. All of the products we carry have been meticulously selected, and our high standards are reflected in our inventory.

What is something that you love about the region/location that your store is in?

We live in a small, beautiful rural town, and have a very diverse clientele. Our tight-knit community is very supportive of our business, and the local love a blessing.

The Health Food Store - Store Spotlight - Closeup

What is something new and exciting going on with the store in the near future? Or what is something that everyone should know about The Health Food Store?

We pride ourselves in providing an extensive inventory of high quality products. Not only do we carry vitamins and supplements, but we also have eco friendly items, beauty supplies, gifts, allergen friendly foods, an ever growing infant and children’s section, and much more… Moving ahead we will be expanding our store so that we can offer even more amazing products.

What is your favorite Ecopiggy product and why?

We don’t have a particular product that is our favorite, as they are all amazing. The care taken to ensure quality, safety, and product standards is apparent in every product we’ve put on our shelves.

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