Surviving the Smoke

Did you know that EcoPiggy is based out of beautiful Ashland, Oregon? We have lots of rain in the winters here, but it is very hot and dry in the summers. Southern Oregon’s summer weather includes the potential for wildfires. Even if there isn’t a fire close by, we can still be affected by smoke drifting into and accumulating in our valley.  And right now, we are surrounded!

It’s really important to protect ourselves and our families to minimize health concerns due to inhalation of the fine particles in the smoky air. Running air conditioners and air purifiers with closed windows is recommended. Minimizing outdoor exposure as much as possible is advised,

but this can be really difficult for little ones that have so much energy. This is a great time to get to know your local recreation center or YMCA. They are low cost to join. The air indoors will be filtered by air conditioning. Most have after-school group activities and pools, which can be a great high intensity activity for children to take advantage of without having to be outdoors.

In addition, some herbal supplements can be used to help counteract the effects of smoke inhalation in the respiratory system. These suggestions can be found in any heath food store that has a Health and Wellness section. These are all safe for kids:

Elderberry syrup:

Eases coughs and lung congestion. (kids love it because it tastes great!)


An anti-inflammatory to soothe those nasal and throat passages, that is sourced from the stem of the pineapple!


A root that increases the effectiveness of the mucous membranes by gently toning them to encourage the expelling of toxins. Best made as a tea with the dried herb. It is naturally sweet so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get children to drink it.


Another root for respiratory support. It helps increase circulation to the lungs, which makes it easier to take deep breaths. You can grind this dried herb into a powder and mix it into honey for a sweet medicinal treat.


A very powerful ally in the fight against chest congestion and is used to prevent and treat respiratory tract infections. Make a pot of thyme tea but first use it as an herbal steam (put it in a bowl with a towel over your head and inhale deeply for several minutes). Then drink the tea!

Blessings of health to you and yours, from our family here at EcoPiggy.

~ Annie