Teething with Ecopiggy!

When my first babe was teething, everyone suggested synthetic medicines to help alleviate the pain, a few well-meaning aunts and uncles suggested a touch of brandy on the gums, but it took my own research to find that there were natural alternatives that are immensely healthier than any of those. When I would bring my son around wearing his Baltic Amber necklace, it became clear to me that hardly anyone had heard of them. Once I started explaining it, about 50% were amazed and wanted to know more, and the other 50% were certain it was a hoax. Well, here I am; teething baby number two, and we’re still sold!

The belief is that the child’s body heat reacts with the amber, heating it and causing it to release oils (succinic acid) which are then absorbed into the bloodstream, helping to ease baby’s pain.

Baltic amber is a common ingredient in many Chinese Medicines, due to the wild healing properties associated with succinct acid (anti inflammatory, immune boosting, calming + soothing).

A unique twist on the traditional Baltic Amber necklaces; Hazelwood! Hazelwood has been used for its medicinal properties for centuries by indigenous people. It is rich in active compounds, and has been used to relieve symptoms associated with joint pains, digestion disorders, dental pains, and skin disorders- it is the perfect compliment to Amber for relieving aches and pains.


Calmies-the EcoTeether

An all natural rubber teething toy that is soothing, sustainable, and multi-sensory! Calmies was developed to stimulate baby’s senses, help with early motor skills development and provide an outlet during teething. Each teether is handmade from sustainable, natural rubber from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. We here at Ecopiggy value the care and effort put into each toy, from it’s rigorous testing to the inspection of each individual teether. Free from: BPA, PVC, Parabens + Phthalates.


Nawgum Teether


Who doesn’t love cacti these days? These Cactus Teethers by Dr. Bronners are as soothing to poor little gums as they are fun to play with! The unique shape is designed to (safely) reach all parts of baby’s mouth- each angle of the cacti is a different texture, offering different ways to ease their pain at every turn. BPA free + Dishwasher safe!







Bambu Teething Tools

Another great plastic-free, natural alternative; Bambu Teething Tools! These products are handmade, made from USDA certified organic bamboo, and finished with organic food-safe oil! They’re easy to hold onto all on their own, but are equipped with a cotton “leash” that attaches to baby, keeping them from falling (or being thrown) onto the floor.  










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