Year of the eco{PIG}gy

Kung hei fat choy! Another round of New Years blessings to you all. Indeed, today marks a new beginning in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac and fortuitously, 2019 is considered the “Year of the Pig.” Or, as we’d like to officially rename it, “Year of the eco{PIG}gy.”

The Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year, is one of the most important days for those of Chinese ancestry all over the world. Fifteen days of celebration where families come together to honor their homes, ancestors, and deities, and to indulge in traditional, festive foods!  This celebratory period comes to completion with bright lights so that the radiant energy can continue into the year ahead.

This is a particularly special year for us because our company was founded in 2007 during the last “Year of the Pig” cycle. It was our founder’s intention to create a conscious, sustainable business that gives more than it takes. Thanks to our supporters for believing in this higher purpose, and joining our family on a truly green mission.

Lastly, on the note of cycles, we ladies love to talk about the cyclical nature of our Earth and how we’re impacted by the patterns of the moon, the seasons, and nature’s ability to regenerate. The Rubber Tree in Malaysia is one such incredible example of a sustainable cycle. Read more about this special cycle HERE. We are grateful for our giving trees in Malaysia and all the people that bring our ecopacifiers, blocks, and teethers to fruition. May all of our collaborators in Malaysia and worldwide revel in the New Years celebration, and best of luck for a 12-year cycle ahead!  

~Kristin Cole