You are an Amazing Parent!

Parenting is not a task for the weary…although certainly a task known to make the strongest of us, VERY weary!  Here at Ecopiggy we wanted to take a moment to say,

You are a super star parent!!!”

Thank you for waking every morning to wipe another tush, cook another meal, make another bed, fold ANOTHER load of laundry, cook another meal, fold MORE laundry, snuggle, read a book, drive to soccer practice, make cupcakes, fold…….”  Let’s just say, “Thank you for everything you do, everyday!”  It might feel like it all goes unnoticed, but it ALL matters.

We wish we could make you dinner tonight, while you soak in the bath tub {WITHOUT being interrupted by your seven year old needing to poop, on YOUR toilet, just as you slink into the bubbles}.   Alas, we are at home, making dinner for our families….so instead, we’d like to offer you 20% off at through the weekend.   Find something that makes your plastic-free lifestyle a wee bit simplier, and adds a bit of beauty.  You deserve it!

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