Zero-Waste + Plastic-Free = Win Win

Ecopiggy officially welcomes you – our readers, our supporters and our family – to a beautiful year ahead. We look forward to sharing reflections, recipes and eco-friendly tips as we venture through 2019 together.

As we commence a new cycle around the sun, we tend to use this as a reference point for setting ambitious goals for the coming calendar year. But did you know that most New Year’s resolutions fade away by early Feb? This spells disappointment for most.  What if, instead, we consider small, conscious choices that enable us to treat ourselves and the planet with more kindness and love?

Here at ecopiggy, we think deeply about sustainable actions that can be carried out on a day-to-day level, instead of through drastic transformation. If we celebrate the small victories in our own lives, the change will amount to something greater for the collective.

For 2019, our team challenges you (and ourselves!), to make this the year of reducing single-use plastics and to instead embrace a life of less waste. We’ve probably heard the message “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” so let’s focus on the first two, which are most impactful in eliminating waste altogether. Less than 1% of plastics are recycled, so let us focus on reducing and reusing to avoid the millions of plastic water bottles that are used everyday.  

Our friends at Pura are doing amazing work in designing the only 100% plastic-free hydration system available.  These fun, colorful and durable, leak-proof bottles are loved by all,  and because the tops are interchangeable, they allow your cup to grow as your child does.  And we adults love to sport them, too, since they come in bigger sizes. What an ingenious concept to tackle this waste issue! How’s that for a small victory that you can feel good about – for yourself but especially for Mother Earth?

Know that steps like these will make this year one of intentional changes that you can truly be proud of. You’ll set a positive example for others and that message will ripple outwards. Our team (and our planet) appreciates conscious citizens like you that are at the forefront of maintaining the beauty of our diverse plant and animal “Queendom.”

~ Kristin Cole

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