Why Ecopiggy?

100% Natural

Ecopiggy brings you a line of soothing essentials for maintaining healthy, happy kiddos. Our line features 100% Natural Rubber and certified Baltic Amber.

100% Plastic-free =

  • no mircorplastics
  • no chemical softeners
  • no colorants
  • no bpa
  • no parabens
  • no pthalates

How to Sterilize Pacifiers

Simple + Clean

In this article}} we will teach you the best ways to sterilize your natural rubber pacifier, along with tips to keep them clean for your baby. Please note these tips can be used on any type of pacifier—natural rubber (latex) or silicone.

What size Necklace

Certified Baltic Amber

Ecopiggy amber teething necklaces come in two sizes 11” and 12.5”, and can be worn around the neck, or doubled around the wrist or ankle. To determine which is the best size Baltic amber necklace for your child, READ MORE.

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