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About the Founder

Ecopiggy Founder Hayley Mete

I was born an entrepreneur. With a wild imagination and a pack of neighborhood kids close behind, I spent my childhood riding my bike around the neighborhood and organizing lemonade stands in our quiet cul-de-sac. I created a special club in my garage where I charged kids a penny to participate in meticulously planned activities and eat tasty snacks prepared by: me!  My dad owned a furniture store and as soon as I was old enough to tag along, I did. I couldn’t wait to learn the ropes. I found my way - organizing, arranging, laughing (so much laughter!) - adding special touches as I went and connecting with customers every chance I got.

My love of design, shape and color blossomed as I made my way into adulthood. It wasn’t long before my creative passions ignited and united with my degree in business. After starting a yoga clothing line for women, I moved on to organic clothing for children, which naturally morphed into my new lemonade stand. In 2007 Ecopiggy was born.

As the nation’s leading distributor of natural children’s products, Ecopiggy was founded on the principles I absorbed watching my father at work in the furniture store. People always come first. Great relationships make great business.

At Ecopiggy, we stand behind our products and beside our customers, making the world a healthy, nurturing place - one binky at a time.

Now that I have two little piggies of my own, these principles take on an even deeper meaning. As I model healthy respect for all living things to Ella and Alex, my heart has opened in ways I never knew possible. This resolve motivates me to carry on - to create a conscious, sustainable business that truly gives more than it takes. Each choice we make affects the world we create. At Ecopiggy, we choose with care.

I am inspired.

If you’re ever in Ashland, OR, we’d love to meet you. Stop by the Ecopiggy warehouse and say hello. You’ll find us beneath the beauty of the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument - laughing all the way home.

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