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Adult Baltic Amber Bracelets

Sale price$19.99

Discover the timeless beauty and natural healing properties of amber with our exquisite adult Baltic amber bracelet. Carefully handcrafted in Lithuania, renowned for its rich amber heritage, this bracelet is a stunning piece of jewelry that combines elegance with the beneficial properties of amber.

Choose from one of three styles:

  • Raven : wisdom, intelligence and transformation
  • Walnut : healing and strengthening of the heart
  • Sunflower : loyalty, happiness, and healing

Each amber bead used in this bracelet is carefully selected for its exceptional quality and unique coloring. Sourced from the Baltic Sea region, these beads boast a mesmerizing range of warm and earthy hues, from golden honey to rich caramel and deep chestnut. Admire the natural beauty of the amber as it catches the light and adds a touch of warmth to your ensemble.

The adult Baltic amber bracelet is strung with a sturdy plastic cord that ensures durability and comfort. 

Adult Baltic Amber Bracelets
Adult Baltic Amber Bracelets Sale price$19.99