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Hand Knit Child Legwarmers

Sale price$29.00

Are you looking for a warm and stylish accessory to keep your little one's legs cozy all winter long? Look no further! These hand-knit child legwarmers, made with love in Peru from the finest Tanguis cotton, are the perfect solution.

This hand-knit set of legwarmers is made of tanguis cotton, a long staple fiber unique to Peru. The flexible fiber makes it both soft and durable. An elastic cast-on knitting technique allows for a wide range of sizes to enjoy years of warmth and protection from all-natural materials.

Added Benefit : Mom can adopt them as wrist warmers once the baby outgrows them!

Material : Single-origin fibers from Peru: 100% Organic Tanguis Cotton
Machine wash cold with gentle detergent.  Line dry.

Hand Knit Child Legwarmers
Hand Knit Child Legwarmers Sale price$29.00

exceptional quality and softness.


The Tanguis cotton used to create these legwarmers is renowned for being:

  • durable,
  • breathable,
  • hypoallergenic,

Perfect for children with sensitive skin. Your little one will love the gentle feel against their skin, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the day.

Invest in artisanal creations

Handmade Craftsmanship

Invest in a pair of our hand-knit child legwarmers today and experience the warmth, comfort, and uniqueness that only these artisanal creations can provide. Embrace the beauty of handmade craftsmanship while supporting sustainable practices and giving your child a cozy fashion statement they'll love.