When to Replace Natural Rubber Pacifier

One of the top questions we get asked on repeat is "How often should I replace my natural rubber pacifier?" Whether you are using an Ecopiggy Ecopacifier or a different brand of pacifier, including silicone versions, the answer is the same!

Replace your pacifier every 6-8 weeks.

In the same way we are advised to regularly replace our toothbrushes, the same advice applies to replacing your baby’s pacifier--for hygiene and safety reasons. There are several variables that contribute to the natural break-down of a pacifier, including but not limited to the natural sucking action of your child, contact with the oils of their skin, and chemistry of your child's saliva. These factors, over time, naturally begin to break-down the integrity of the pacifier. Your little one will be most content if you replace your natural rubber pacifier every 6-8 weeks. Be sure to see our cost effective 3-pack option!

 ecopiggy ecopacifier 3pk natural rubber pacifiers

How do I know when it is time to replace our natural rubber pacifier?

Inspect your child’s Ecopacifier carefully before each use.

  • Pull the pacifier in different directions.
  • Inspect your natural rubber pacifier for any signs of cracks, stickiness, etc.
  • Has the natural rubber relaxed, creating an enlarged nipple and/or shield?

When to replace natural rubber pacifier

How can I remember to replace our Ecopacifier?

Take advantage of our popular Ecopacifier subscriptionsSUBSCRIBE and SAVE {time + money} You will receive 15% off your pacifier order when you subscribe to our Ecopacifer Club!  We will send you a new pacifier every 8 weeks.  No need to mark your calendar or try to remember when to re-order.  We’ve got you covered!

What do I do with the old pacifier?

There are a couple options for what to do with your old pacifier when it's time to retire it.

Compost it! Read more information here on how to compost your natural rubber pacifier.

Compost natural rubber pacifier

Upcycle! If it's just the nipple that is growing warn out--tear, hole, expanding, etc--but the shield and ring are still in usable condition, cut the nipple off with a pair of scissors, and your child can use it as a teether.

Upcycle natural rubber pacifier

Last choice....throw it away. While we prefer to keep as much material out of the landfills as possible, it is safer to throw the pacifier away then to chance your child finding and using a product that has become unsafe or unhygienic to use.

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