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Article: Introducing Safe Bath Toys

Introducing Safe Bath Toys

Introducing Safe Bath Toys

Bath time is a sweet time to connect with your child.  Whether you make it a part of your bedtime routine or sprinkle it into the week where time allows, make sure your child is accompanied by safe bath toys.  

Today we are going to share some fun-in-the-tub ideas with you!  Before we get to sharing our tips and tricks, let’s first talk about setting up a safe bath time environment. 

 Safe Bath Toys Rubber Blocks

Safety at toddler bath time

Even if your toddler can sit up by themselves in the bath, bath safety is still very important.

Here are tips by Raising Children, The Australian Parenting Website, to keep your toddler safe at bath time:

  • Never leave the bathroom. Make sure you’re within arm’s reach at all times.
  • Get everything ready in advance – towel, organic washcloth, mild cleanser, clean diaper, and clean clothes or pajamas. This means you can stay with your toddler for bath time.
  • Fill the bath to the height of your toddler’s belly button when they’re sitting down.
  • Make sure the hot water tap is turned off hard. When the bath is ready, briefly run cold water through the tap so the water in the tap won’t burn anyone.
  • Check the water temperature is between 98°F and 100°F before you put your toddler in. It should feel comfortably warm but not hot.
  • Let the water out as soon as bath time is over. Remove bath plugs from the bath when they’re not in use.

And when your toddler isn't in the bath and the bathroom isn't being used, make sure the bathroom door is closed. This helps to reduce drowning and scalding risks around your home.

Safe Bath Toys for baby

How to Make Bath Time Fun

Now that your bathtime environment is set and safe, let’s have some fun!   Making bath time a fun part of the week’s routine, rather than a stressful chore, is a supportive way for everyone to easily participate rather than retaliate. 

Here are some fun tips and tricks that we’ve enjoyed in our family:

  • Bring in the {safe} bath toys!

Safe bath toys don’t have to be anything fancy—an empty yogurt container, measuring cups, or even a pack of dinosaurs from the dollar store.  Imagination is best engaged when things are simple and allow for creative play.  In the beginning, most children are interested in moving water from one source to another—pouring, pouring, pouring.  Ecopiggy Natural Rubber Blocks have open ends—water in, water out—perfect for pouring from one to another.
Water play safe bath toys
  • Keep the mold out!

Rubber ducky seems cute, floating around all innocent looking, until you cut one open.  Products with small holes let water in but don’t allow air in for drying out the moisture.  Trapped moisture leads to mold and bacteria build-up.  It’s fun to find toys that suck water in and squirt it back out.  What isn’t fun?  Getting an infection from bacteria water squirted into your child’s eye, ear, nose, etc.  Safe bath toys are open and easily dry—inside and out!

Moldy Rubber Ducky Safe Bath Toys

  • Include stories and music!

Keep a stack of books next to the bathtub.  Not only is this great for potty training but it also is fun for reading during bath time.  It helps everyone to slow down, pause, and connect over the story.  Soft, relaxing music also encourages slowing down.  Slowing down and taking a moment to soothe our nervous systems during bath time leads to deeper, more restful sleep.

  • Get cozy mama!

Put on your cozies, and bring in a floor cushion—no need to sit on a cold, hard floor.  If you feel comfortable and relaxed, your child will feel that. 

  • Bubble party for a win!

Bubbles always bring fun, and there are non-toxic, plant-based bubble options that offer additional bath time benefits that hydrate and relax.  What are some of your favorite brands?

Safe Bath Toys bubble part


Medical professionals recommend giving your child 2-3 baths a week.  You know your child, their amount of play, and the environment in which they spend their time.  Whether you are bathing every night, or just a couple nights a week, remember safe bath toys and a relaxing environment.  These moments you will remember for years to come. 

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