Why choose Ecopiggy Natural Rubber Pacifier?

"Ecopiggy is one of our very favorite brands. Their pacifiers have been the only ones that my daughter will take since the day she was born! As a mom it is so important to not only buy products that are functional, but also safe! When you buy Ecopiggy, you are buying something that is 100% natural and healthy for your precious little babe! From the amazing products to the wonderful customer service, I cannot recommend this brand enough!" [Kenzie S.]

We are grateful to all the mamas (and papas, and grandparents, and...) who have been praising our line of Ecopacifiers for over a decade now, helping raise awareness about the benefits of 100% natural, chemical-free rubber pacifiers.

You can rest assured that your baby is safe from choking with our one-part Ecopiggy natural rubber pacifier, molded from a single piece of sustainable rubber. This also means no little crevices for bacteria to hide in, making it incredibly easy to clean! Win win.

Why Ecopiggy Ecopacifier?

Did you know that our pacifiers are produced in Malaysia, right at the source of natural rubber tree plantations? They are then shipped to our warehouse in Ashland, OR where they are examined and lovingly packed into boxes by one of our own mamas, Hailey. And then off to your home or to an independent boutique/health store where your babe will be able to benefit from the soothing effects of the soft rubber and round shield, without taking in any chemicals whatsoever!

After 6-8 weeks of use, you’ll notice that the pacifier will expand and darken – time to replace it! Before you toss it though, take a moment to cut up your Ecopacifier and throw it into a compost pile where it WILL break down over time! And this completes the closed loop cycle of natural rubber from the consumer end – fascinating, huh? From seed to tree to ecopacifier to wooden toys, the rubber tree leads a sustainable and high quality life. We have a small version of this beautiful giving tree in our office.

At Ecopiggy, we are proud of the transparency behind this process and the way we can make a difference in the lives of our families while also giving back to Mother Earth. Please reach out with any questions about the Ecopacifier or to determine which style would be best to try out: Rounded or Orthodontic, both available in 0-6 mo. and 6+ mo. versions. Our team is ready to answer questions or provide advice!

"I never worry when my little ones are sleeping with their Ecopiggy pacifiers! Knowing they enjoy something that is comforting yet safe puts me at ease. I just love how soft the rubber is! The thought and care that goes into the products at Ecopiggy is refreshing and inspiring." [-Amanda A.]

"Love your products very much! Only pacifiers I've used with my daughter. Thank you for what you create!

~ Whitney S.