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Article: Are natural rubber pacifiers safe?

Are natural rubber pacifiers safe?

Are natural rubber pacifiers safe?

Are you wondering if natural rubber pacifiers are safe? The quick answer is “YES!” but let us go deeper and answer why natural rubber pacifiers are safe for your child.

Where does natural rubber come from?

First, a little history to help you understand what Ecopacifier is made of, and where the material comes from. Ecopiggy’s Natural Rubber Pacifier, Ecopacifier, is made of 100% pure rubber from the rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliense. These trees are sustainably grown in plantations in Malaysia. The rubber tree exudes a latex sap, the world’s primary source of natural rubber, which is tapped similarly to maple syrup from a maple tree. After about 20-25 years the tree stops producing latex sap. The trees are then harvested and replanted. The harvested wood is used extensively in furniture, flooring, construction, and even toys. From seed to tree to ecopacifier to wooden toys, the Rubbertree has an eco-friendly, sustainable, and high-quality life.

How does natural rubber differ from silicone?

As described above, natural rubber is straight from nature, while silicone is an industrially manufactured material. Often silicone requires chemical softeners to make the nipple palatable, not to mention colorants to get those “cute for Instagram” colors. Ecopiggy Ecopacifier is the color nature intended.

The Ecopiggy Ecopacifier is made from 100% natural rubber. Natural influences—saliva, heat, air—can affect natural rubber more so than silicone, causing it to change color, and possibly expand in size if not replaced within the suggested time frame. This said, all pacifiers, regardless of material, are recommended to be replaced every 4-6 weeks for safety and hygiene.

Benefits of Ecopacifier. Why natural rubber pacifiers are safe and preferred:

Molded into one piece. No small parts mean no choking hazard. It’s sometimes surprising just how strong little ones are, and when curiosity enters the mix sometimes things go “pop”—at least with conventional, multi-piece pacifiers. Ecopiggy natural rubber pacifiers are made of one piece and strength tested. Nothing going “pop” over here, which means no little pieces for your little one to get into their mouths.

Sustainably made from 100% natural rubber without any chemical softeners or colorants. We talked about this above. We know it’s fun to match your child’s pacifier to their outfit, but is it really necessary? Let’s remember that pacifiers are for comforting the child, not those looking at your pictures on social media.

Promotes breastfeeding. The round shield of the Ecopacifier simulates the touch of the mother’s breast against the tip of your child’s nose. That’s right, that big round shield is a purposeful design to mimic the biological soothing design of breastfeeding.

Soft rubber won’t leave marks on your baby’s face. Your little one will most likely fall asleep with their pacifier in their mouth from time to time. The soft nature of natural rubber, will not leave any marks on your child’s face.

100% plastic-free means no micro-plastics near your child’s face, or in their mouth. As noted by Zach Fitzner at, Rather than degrading and decomposing, plastics just break down into smaller and smaller microplastics, which break down into even tinier nano plastics. Plastic is ubiquitous in our world, from things we use daily to things quickly dominating our landfills, clogging our rivers, and creating islands in our oceans. Ecopacifier does not introduce any plastic or other industrially manufactured materials near your child’s face.

Pure and Biodegradable. Read more about composting here.

Ecopiggy's Ecopacifier is the preferred natural rubber pacifier. Our round shield lightly touches the child's nose, simulating the soothing feel of breastfeeding. Children love the natural soothing effects of Ecopacifier. Offered in two styles: Orthodontic and Rounded. Due to the soft quality of the Ecopacifier, our natural rubber pacifier will not leave marks on your child's face. BPA-Free, Paraben-Free, Phthalate-Free. No masking agents or chemicals softeners. Ecopiggy Ecopacifier is a natural choice—soothing like mama, from nature like mama.

Children deserve safe products. Parents deserve simple, natural choices. Ecopacifier offers parents a solution to conventional pacifiers—100% Natural Rubber Pacifiers, Ecopacifiers.

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